About Us

So Others Ascend Righteously

About SOAR: Our mission is to offer writing as a tool to promote healing and emotional literacy which empowers and enriches the lives of others to reach their best self. Our curriculum includes the “Writing Training Wheels” which debunks myths about writing and allows the reticent writer to experience success along with our eight-week modules. SOAR workshops are amazing opportunities for participants to witness how pain lessens once it is put down on paper. 

SOAR’s strategy includes a six and eight-week workshop model that includes a workbook written by SOAR’s founder. The initial workshop asks participants to excavate their earliest memories which serve as the computer chip that impacts how they respond to various life situations. If one detects the source of their behavior, then the possibility exists to replace the old chip with a new one that serves them better.  With the use of SOAR’s patented “writing training wheels,” facilitators instruct reluctant writers in the wonder of word play to remove and to debunk their ability to write their own truth. Further, the circle of support gained from the generosity of others sharing their stories and experiences make choices available to them where they thought they were choice-less. Participants learn the value of language and begin to see how language like their lives a layered text is packed with a variety of ways to be interpreted. Learning the value in the phrase: “I claim my space” participants take responsibility for their words and own their individual power. 

Our Successes

The Writing for Healing Workshops and retreats have empowered various women and men who are part of organizations such as: HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive); My Sister's Place; The House of Ruth women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence; The Regional Addiction Prevention program (RAP); and Crossing the River, a program for at risk women and North Carolina’s HIV Symposium for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. SOAR has also facilitated workshops for the AmeriCorps Literary conference in Houston, Texas and for North Carolina’s AIDs Alliance’s: Life is Golden Empowerment Retreat and most recently have used their techniques to introduce D. C’s Department of Energy summer youth workers to the importance of storm water drains to create community wellness. Participants have shared how the workshops taught them “women aren’t my competition” and how they never knew the “beauty of [their] own words.” Where their voices were annihilated, SOAR gives them the space for them to be validated.