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Image by Yerko Lucic

"I'm Breaking the Glass"

By: Nevvon Dennis


The smell of your natural hair smells like peach candles like we’re in Polynesia. I hear ppl talking bad

about you, but to me, you’re look better than Mona Lisa. Every time I see you, you’re like a MacBook.

No such thing as amnesia. When I kiss you, you taste better than pepperoni pizza. Whenever you talk,

it touches my soul like a feather pillow. And I didn’t have to pay it with my Visa card.


I’m breaking the glass through the touch of my phone. I like the smell of fresh air, when I go outside and

roam. I like the taste of the sprite, when I drink it at home. And also at home, I love hearing my AC run like how my laptop runs Google Chrome. And sometimes ppl would see me as a black television on the surface that’s shown

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