Workshops and Retreats

Claim Your Space

SOAR will always try to facilitate workshops according to the vendors and their
participants needs as long as the vendors wishes do not jeopardize the integrity of
SOAR workshops.

A Woman Writing by the Window

Power Boost Workshop

In this four week workshop, SOAR guides participants as they write through the experiences that are obstacles for their learning and cause chaos in their relationships with others. This mini workshop session is ideal for classrooms who want to jumpstart their writing curriculum and transform their students’ self-esteem in a unique and long lasting way. This workshop’s flexibility is designed to complement experiential learning methods which seek to boost student comprehension along with writing skills.

Sample workshop modules include:

The Come from Place

My Worth

In My World

My Beauty

A Young Woman Writing

Power Surge Workshop

This six to eight week workshop series empowers individuals who grapple with long term issues which stem from domestic violence, gender identity, homelessness, terminal illness or teenage motherhood. It is SOAR’s purpose to create a surge of power within the workshop circle that benefits not only the individual, but also impacts their family members and their community.

The Come From Place

Who Am I

My Worth

My Beauty

What’s Important to me

Forgiveness letter

Love Letter


The workshop participants will learn:

how to create a safe space sharing circle

how to journal and its cleansing power

how to put clothes on their words

how writing records life’s journey

how to meditate

how to check- in on self through writing

how to write centering affirmations

how to claim their space through spoken words

Woman with Laptop

Get Your Story Write! The Writing Coach Workshop

With over two decades of writing experience, SOAR’s founder, Kimberly Collins and her expert staff are available to coach YOU through YOUR writing and editing process. In this age of self-publishing, blog posting, and essay writing, SOAR offers to make sure what YOU want to say is told the way YOU want to tell it and in a way others will hear it.
SOAR is committed to helping you CLAIM YOUR SPACE!


My Daughter's Power Circle Retreat

SOAR is committed to filling the gap for Disengaged Young women between 17 and 27 years of age. It is our mission to act as an extension of where other youth programs leave off to assist these young women in creating powerful life choices through our Writing for Healing workshop series and through our My Daughters Power Circle on Tour. Many hard to place, out of school young women are making poor choices which impact their health, career choices and opportunities. They are unschooled about healthy relationships with themselves and others. Their life skills training is cultivated by the street and not by their elders. SOAR’s My Daughter’s Power Circle seeks to provide a continuum of care for young African American women by introducing them to a variety of self-healing modalities, life skills, career training coaches and a village of Mother Mentors to support their possibilities.

Mother Mentors are the essential intergenerational component provided by women 40

plus years of age who create a safe space of shared knowledge between the two

generations. Each Mother Mentor is responsible for no more than 10 young women. The

Mother Mentor conducts monthly support circles to continue the process of healing and

transformation begun during the retreat for as long as the young women need. These

circles are places where the young women consistently remember, recognize and claim

their individual power and find strength in the collective power of their sisters.


The young women must be referred by an agency connected with the Department of

Economic Development or referred by an entity who has a Workforce development

contract or educational partner. SOAR is also open to young women within this age range 

who are a part of any returning citizens programs. Before attending the Power retreat,

the young women must be committed to complete SOAR’s six-week Writing for Healing

workshop to learn how to use their individual genius as a tool for their transformation.

The seasonal retreats occur during the Fall, Spring and Summer and include such topics

as: how to create powerful finances, job interviews, dress, hair, stress release options and

healthy life-style choices which includes an in-depth discussion on HIV and its impact on

African American women 20-25 years of age. At the end of each retreat, the young

women will receive a certificate of completion and be connected to a SOAR Mother

Mentors who will provide a continuum of support long after the retreat is completed.


  • To create an intergenerational exchange between 17-25 year-old young

women who are 40 and over to create a safe space for them to

understand the power of shared wisdom within the village.

  • To provide an extension of care and support to government and not for

profit agencies who have time limited programs.

  • To decrease the recidivism rate of 17-25 year-old African American

       woman who have been remanded to the criminal justice system.

  • To retain employment and educational opportunities for young women

             who participate in government assisted youth and job training programs.

  • To introduce young women to a variety of healing modalities to govern

healthy lifestyle choices.