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So Others Ascend Righteously

Image by Jilbert Ebrahimi

In The Moment/The Breaking of Glass

By: Anonymous SOAR workshop participant

In the moments of their final breaths 

My minds eye try to envision what my eyes witness

An act so heinous and cruel

Like sharp and jagged edges of broken glass piecing my heart and cutting into every fiber of my being


The stench of rotten garbage permeate my nostrils 

I watch helplessly at the hatred oozing comfortably 

As you self-righteously cut off the air supply of another human being

With no sense of regret or remorse


Bitter gun flavored metallic gumdrops fill my throat 

I feel the life of my people draining from my soul


The deafening sound of shattering glass has once again drowned out the pleads to live, to breathe, to be.

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