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Testimonials from SOAR's Workshop Participants

I’m beginning to realize it is fear I must move beyond or put aside. I refuse to allow my child to live with fear. Thank you so much for the motivation.

LaWander McFarland

“Hey” Kimberly, hope all is well…I’ve always known this about you and it’s what I’ve come to admire in you being a wise ole soul. I’ve really enjoyed your last few reminders of Wednesday Wisdoms that I’ve received by way of the First Sunday mailing list. I find that I am still claiming my space, grinding, trying hard not to miss out on opening all of my gift boxes.

Darrick Johnson

And the award for the best Wednesday Wisdom EVER goes to (drum roll)….YOU!

This is me, this is you, this is faith! Can’t even put into words how much of my personal truth are in your words. You got me raising my hands in praise, singing along to the hymns, and saying “Lord, I thank you, thank you, thank you. I just thank you all the days of my life.”

Nicole Creecy

I realized my sisters are not my competition.

My Daughter’s Power Circle Participant

I am proud to report that this summer, under the leadership of the DC SOAR team, the

GZEP/MBSYEP participants were able to learn more about how to engage with their

environment in barrier of communication. Your writing activities allowed the participants to find themselves speaking clearly about what needs to be communicated opposed to what others wanted to hear. Many of the participants expressed how the interruption process of miscommunication allowed them to regulate their emotions to present valuable information to others.

Johnnie Philson

My name is Aniya Brown, and I was a member of the Sister Circle Group created by Ms. Collins in 2016. I remember being a freshman in college and just the pure excitement. I was in Ms. Collins's English 1 class, and we started to notice that there wasn't much healthy communication between us black women. Every discussion in class quickly escalated to a heated argument. Funny part is we all barely knew each other, so where was the hurt coming from? Professor Collins told the ladies that she would be opening her door to us after class. She wanted us to get to the bottom of things, and actually talk and understand each other. Try to support your sister instead of tearing her down. Because little do we know we have a lot more commonalities than differences.

Aniya Brown

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