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Breaking The(ir) Glass

By: L

As I breathe into wakefulness
my eyes open and slow walk 'round the room
seeking to answer the question
where am I?

Calming lavender scented relief washes over me
as I realize I'm home in my bed

Out the window I glimpse a sunny day
with puffy clouds dotted across a baby blue sky

I breathe thanks
stretch my hands towards the heavens 
and rise

Morning rituals aside
thoughts of a warm cup of green tea
and wheat toast slathered with mulberry jam and butter
make my stomach rumble
and propel my feet towards the kitchen

Enjoying my fast's break
with furrowed brow, a line from a tv show floods my mind
creating a new experience of wonder
"do thorns of a rose exist to draw blood from humans, 
because the nutrients in human blood benefit the rose"

"Creepy" was my thought 
when i first heard it said
Creepy is my thought 
when i think of it now

Creepiness aside
is it true?
and how different are the thorns of a rose
than the thorns of a human

like broken glass
used by humans to draw blood
to feed us in this existence.

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