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Love in the Afternoon, Restoration

By: Margery Hannah

I attended a SOAR virtual workshop this past Sunday, Love in the Afternoon
Loving up on You!, where Kimberly A. Collins used her Writing Training Wheels™ as a tool for teaching healing and empowerment through writing poetry. A good majority of attendees were Howard University students, and the intergenerational exchange of ideas was refreshing. While I’ve written many a poem, for the first time I read a poem of mine (written in real time at the workshop) for an audience. Love in courage, I share my piece: 

I restore the spirit of me

under the apricot sun. One
can only smell fresh baked bread
so long. I’ve got to go outside. Buy 
blueberry cotton candy, let my teeth ache
a moment. Find joy in
the future, in
babies’ laughter, their tight
curls a helix of life’s zig zags, a marvel of physics 
ever resting and protecting— a chipped scale
balancing the self-less and self-full.

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